Bookmarklet Bootloader Generator


A bookmarklet bootloader is a technique originally created to work around a ~500 character limit to the size of Internet Explorer bookmarks. This limits the length of bookmarklets reducing the amount of code that they can contain.

The bootloader works around this limitation by shifting all functionality into a separate Javascript file loaded from a remote server. Instead of the original bookmarklet, the user now drags a "bootloader" to their toolbar. This bootloader triggers the browser to load the remote Javascript file by manipulating the browser DOM to introduce a new <script/> element.

When the remote script is loaded its contents will be evaluated by the browser. The script can therefore be used to trigger any required processing.

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The Code

This micro-utility automatically generates a bootloader for any Javascript file. Type the URL into the form below, and click submit. The page will be reloaded with the source of the bookmarklet. You can also include a link title for the Javascript link which is also automatically generated for dragging to the toolbar.