Autodiscovery Bookmarklet Generator


Autodiscovery is the general term applied to extracting useful metadata from a webpage, which is pointed out using an embedded <link/> tag in the document head.

Autodiscovery has been most prevalent in the RSS application area (see RSS Autodiscovery) where it has been used to allow surfers to automatically subscribe to a 'blogs feed in their favourite feed reader. The process relies on using a bookmarklet to walk-through the DOM of the current document and pick out the appropriate <link/> tag which points to the feed. The bookmarklet then redirects the browser to the web interface of the users feedreader.

The bookmarklet is able to determine the correct <link/> tag as the title, rel, and type attributes are agreed within the relevant community. For example an RSS autodiscovery link looks like the following:

<link rel="alternate" type='application/rss+xml' href='' />

While a FOAF autodiscovery link looks like this:

<link type='application/rdf+xml' title='FOAF' href='' />

Continue reading about the link tag.

The Code

This micro-utility automatically generates a link tag, and accompanying bookmarklet from a description of the tag, and the desired target application. Simply fill in the form below and submit it to generate the code and link.

The link tag:


The bookmarklet:

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